What is Squash?

For more information on our great game and how and where to play, click HERE. Or click the video below to see what playing Squash and being a member of a club is really like.

Squash 57

Still relatively new, but growing fast – click HERE for more information on our easy to learn, yet hard to master sport! Or watch the video below to hear from others like you.

Our Mission & Values

We strive to be a fun and inclusive sport for all ages and abilities and as an association, we have created a strategic plan to deliver our core values and objectives through 2023 and beyond. Click HERE to read more on our vision and our 6 Pillars for The Future.

  • Connecting & Collaborative

  • Adventurous

  • Driving & Adaptable

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If you want to dive straight in, please use the links below to find facilities, coaches or competitions you can use or play right now.

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