Junior League Rules

Junior County League Regulations

Squash League Rules 2013/2014

1. League membership

1.1 The Junior Leagues are open to all clubs within Bucks who are affiliated to England Squash. Clubs located outside the county may be admitted subject to permission from the home county’s SRA.

1.2 The Bucks League fee must be paid before 1 October.

2. Players’ qualification

2.1 Players may only play for one club in any season. All players must be bone-fide members of the club whose team they play for.

2.2 Players may be male or female and must be under 19 on the day of the match.

3. Conduct of matches

3.1 Matches are played according to the rules of England Squash. Scoring will be PAR (point a rally) scoring up to 11. Best of 5 games.

3.2 Each match is between two teams of five players. Each tie scores one point per game won by each player. The team winning the majority of ties scores a further four points.

3.3 No player may play for more than one team on the same day.

3.4 All matches will count as Bucks junior ladder matches.

3.5 All players must wear approved protective eye guards at all times, including the warm-up.

3.6 The Home team must ensure that sufficient court time is booked to allow completion of the match. Any ties not played or not completed due to failure to provide adequate court time are forfeited. The two captains can elect to postpone the match, or move to other acceptable courts, if it is agreed that the courts are in a dangerous state because of moisture or other conditions which would make play hazardous to players or damage the courts. Both captains must agree, or the match will continue. If postponed, the entire match will be replayed.

3.7 The two captains must ensure that all ties are formally marked/refereed.

3.8 Matches start at 2.30 pm on Sundays, except where specifically stated otherwise by the League Secretary, or varied by prior agreement between the two team captains. It is imperative that as many of each team as possible arrive promptly. Where a late arrival of a player is anticipated, his captain is to give notice. Failure to have three Home, or two Away team players ready to play at the scheduled (or agreed) start time results in the opponents’ team having the right to a 5/0 (points 19/0) victory. Arrival of an individual player 60 or more minutes late gives his opponent the right to a 3/0 victory in the tie concerned. It is at its own risk that a club selects a player who needs to leave early. In cases where a tie is lost due to the absence or late arrival of a player the team automatically loses the ties lower down the order. All disputes regarding unplayed or uncompleted ties are to be referred to the League Secretary whose decision is final.


3.9 Matches should be played on the scheduled date. Only in exceptional circumstances should a team seek to change the date of a match, and the opposing team captain may insist that the match be played on the scheduled date. The League Secretary must be advised of any postponement and of the new match date.

3.10 A defaulting team concedes the match 0/5 (points 0/19). A team that concedes more than two matches in a season will be removed from the League, and the results of all its matches will be null and void. Any subsequent application to rejoin the League must be accompanied by a written explanation.

3.11 All matches, whether scheduled or re-arranged, MUST be played by 31 May. Matches played after this date will be void.

3.12 Any club that is inconvenienced by another team’s non-appearance, or cancellation with unreasonably short notice, and incurs financial loss from such as court fees or wasted food, may make a claim through the League Secretary for recompense. The League Secretary, if satisfied with the merits of the claim, will require the offending club to make good the other’s loss.

3.13 The Home team stipulates the type of ball to be used for all ties, unless both individuals agree to use a different type for their particular tie.

3.14 Both captains must check and sign the result card after the match. Failure to sign indicates acceptance of the card. The Home team is responsible for getting the completed card to the League Secretary promptly after the match. If sent by e-mail then the away captain should also receive a copy of the e-mail.

3.15 In the case of misconduct, the referee or the captain of the complaining team is to make a written complaint within seven days of the date of the offence to the League Secretary. The Committee will consider any appropriate action.

3.16 Home teams must provide some form of liquid refreshment during the course of the match. In addition, the Home team must provide snacks and drinks after the match, again at no cost, to the Away team.

4. Ranking of players; team selection

4.1 Each team’s members must play in order of that clubs’ submitted ranking list.

4.2 A ranking list must be submitted to the Junior League Secretary before the start of the season. Revised lists may be submitted with effect from 31st October,
1st January and 20th February.

4.3.1 The first five names are 1st team members, the next five names are nominally 2nd team members, and so on.

4.3.2 Where a club, however, wishes not to rank players in order of merit, so that the strength of two or more teams may be split between them, then those teams be named ‘A’, ‘B’, etc., rather than ‘1’, ‘2’, etc. This strength splitting is only allowed when a club has two or more teams in the same division, and is only allowed for the top two or more teams in the club. The players in each ranking list for those teams must not move from one squad to another at any time during the season. Substitute players for teams ‘A’ and ‘B’ from a lower level may only play for ‘A’ or ‘B’ during the season, i.e. cannot move from one squad to another.

4.4 Match results are checked against the latest valid ranking list. Players who play below their rank have their ties scored as 3/0 victories to their opponents.

4.5  Any new player added to the ranking list must be advised to the League Secretary either in advance of playing in a match, or by the match result card being annotated clearly with his precise position in that list – e.g. John Smith – new player, ranked 7.


5. Promotion and relegation; new teams

5.1.1 The top team in Division 2 is promoted to Division 1 and the bottom team in Division 1 is relegated to Division 2.

5.1.2 The top team in Division 3 is promoted to Division 2 and the bottom team in Division 2 is relegated to Division 3.

5.1.3 Where teams are tied on points, the greater number of match victories is decisive. If teams are still tied, the result of the 2nd match between the teams is decisive.

5.1.4 Any team that withdraws from the league is deemed the bottom team in that league.

5.2 Any team may ask the League Secretary for demotion or non-promotion because it cannot maintain the standard required for the higher Division.

5.3 New teams will normally be placed in the lower Division. In exceptional circumstances however, the League Secretary may allow a new team to enter the League at a higher level.

6. Interpretation; disputes

6.1 In the event of any query about these rules, or a dispute about a match, the League Secretary is to be contacted as soon as possible. If an equitable solution cannot be found, the matter will be referred to the Committee of the Bucks SRA.

6.2 The Bucks SRA Committee will consider representation from clubs or individuals regarding the application or interpretation of these rules.